investment team

Christopher P. Bennett
Managing Director
W: (312) 966-5804
M: (312) 493-2607

Dustin R. Weinberger
Managing Director
W: (312) 966-5834
M: (312) 953-1235

Lawrence J. Burley
Vice President
W: (312) 966-5818
M: (773) 972-6857


Our Advisory Board is comprised of founders, current and former board members, Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers of both public and private companies including multiple Fortune 500 companies. These individuals are thought leaders in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, food and beverage, consumer and business services, private equity investing, finance and consulting. They are united by their shared desire to assist us in our analysis, acquisition, integration, management and disposition of companies. Their role is to provide counsel and guidance to us and our portfolio companies serving as board members and operating partners in many cases. A source of continuous inspiration, our Advisory Board is an integral part and strength of Coda Capital. The quality and depth of our Advisory Board differentiates us from many other private equity firms.